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Pikesville dentures

Many people end up losing their teeth. While many people do not lose their teeth until old age, teeth may be lost for a number of other reasons as well. Decay, disease and injury may also lead to tooth loss, and sometimes teeth may need to be removed if they are damaged and beyond repair or treatment. In the event that you lose teeth, it is important that you restore them with an artificial option as soon as you can. Missing teeth can surely change your appearance but it will also harm your dental health in the long run, so it is important that you restore your smile as soon as you can. Here with our dentist Aron Turner DDS you can explore what options are available to you, including Pikesville dentures.

It can be devastating to lose teeth. Your appearance may look different, for one thing. Your facial profile may appear gaunt and hollow and your smile will be incomplete. Many people who suffer from tooth loss feel uncomfortable sharing their smile with others and may even refrain from speaking with others that they do not know because of their perceived appearance. Things like eating and speaking may be difficult for more technical reasons, and you may need to adjust to the change – but overall trying to do these things may actually harm your dental health in the long run, which is why replacing your teeth is so important. The sooner you have your missing teeth replaced, the sooner you can alleviate any stress on your bite and the sooner you can restore your smile. With Pikesville dentures, you can have entire sections of teeth replaced at once, and you can have a full smile again. Bridges are another common oral appliance, but are better suited for people who are missing few teeth. Dental implants is another option but it involves a lengthy and intensive surgical procedure. Dentures can be custom made relatively quickly so you can have your smile back in no time. Aron Turner DDS can examine your dental health and determine exactly which form of dental replacement will work best for you.

If you are missing teeth then you need to consider replacing them as soon as possible. If you are interested in Pikesville dentures and want to know whether they are right for you, then please contact us here at the dental offices of Aron Turner DDS to book an appointment with our dentist and find out what treatment is best for you.

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