Dental plaque in Pikesville MD

If you want to make sure that your teeth stay clean and gums stay healthy, you will want to become a patient at our dental practice, Aron Turner DDS. Our top-notch dentist, Dr. Aron D. Turner, can provide you with a wide range of dental services, including complete dental exams. Patients can also receive dental cleanings at our dental office in Pikesville MD.

It is very important that you follow an excellent at-home dental cleaning regimen, as well as have a dental cleaning at our dental office in Pikesville MD, every six months. This will ensure that you remove all dental plaque from your teeth which cannot only cause tooth decay but also lead to gingivitis and gum disease, as well. Dental plaque combines with the saliva in your mouth to create acids which attempt to eat through your tooth enamel and cause dental cavities. Generally, patients are not able to remove all dental plaque from their teeth. But, during a dental cleaning at our office, all plaque, tartar, and food debris will be thoroughly removed. When dental plaque remains on teeth, it will turn into tartar. Tartar is a hard, mineralized substance that tightly adheres to teeth, and can encourage the development of deep pockets to form between your teeth and gums. Our dentist will assess your oral health during a comprehensive dental exam. This exam will include checking your gums to make sure that they are remaining healthy. If our dentist finds that you have developed gingivitis, an inflammation of the gums caused by dental plaque, he will most likely recommend that you have several regular dental cleanings over the coming months in order to get your gums back to good health. Went deep pockets have formed between your teeth and gums, you most likely need to have a periodontal scaling and root planing treatment to get your gums healthy again.

For an appointment to see our dentist, or receive a dental cleaning at our dental office in Pikesville MD, contact us today.

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