At the dental office of Dr. Aron Turner, we treat you like family. Dr. Turner is a dentist devoted to providing quality patient care with a positive experience. Our goal is to give you something to smile about. Our friendly and caring staff will make sure your visit to our dental office is as pleasant and welcoming as possible.

Dr. Turner is experienced in all areas of dentistry, and is up to date on all of the latest technological developments in dental care.

Our office will be undergoing a few changes for the next few months as we enter the summer season!

Upcoming Office Closures
Our office will be closed for the following dates: 

July 5th, September 6th-8th, September 16th, September 21st-22nd, September 27th-29th

New Patients/Consultations

Our office is currently not accepting new patients or consultations. However, we are still accepting appointments for repairs for new and existing patients. As our waitlist is at capacity, we are no longer accepting waitlist requests. 

We will open our schedule to new patients and/or consultations once our waitlisted patients have been assisted. When our waitlist is re-opened, we will update both our website and other social media to keep new patients updated. 

Delays for New Dentures/Extensive Cases

This summer, our head technician will be out of the lab starting July 5th and will return on August 16th. Our office has already reached out to all affected patients scheduled for dentures during this time. 

As this will cause a delay in denture service over the summer, our office is offering additional appointments in June. Patients on our waitlist will be called in order of the time they called in.

We partner with a local lab that can accommodate dentures on a traditional 6 week turn around. Patients will be given this option if they do not want to wait until August for their denture work.

Repairs & Relines 

Our office will still be able to schedule same day denture repairs and relines while our head technician is out. All repairs and relines must arrive between 8:40 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. These services are by appointment only.

Dental Cleanings

Our hygienist has added several additional days to her summer schedule as this is typically our busiest season for dental cleanings and check-ups. As of June 7th our July schedule is full but there are openings for August. Space is limited so please call our office as soon as possible to be scheduled or added to our hygiene waitlist!

We understand that appointment space has been limited over the last year as we navigate through COVID-19. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and thank each of our patients for their continued support.

Pikesville dentures

Same Day

Dr. Aron Turner specializes in same day dentures, and provides a full range of dental care for all ages. We have the expertise you need to craft your dentures at a price you can afford.

Dental Surgery for Dentures

We offer same day dentures at a price you can afford. Whether you need full dentures, partial dentures, mini implants for dentures, denture relines or denture repairs.

Implant Dentist Pikesville


Dr. Turner has special training and experience in dental implants and the field of implantology. Dental implants can give you an improved smile and comfort.

Implant Dentist Pikesville


At our family dental practice, we treat patients of all ages. Family dentistry services include oral hygiene exams, teeth cleaning, x-rays, sealants, fillings, and more.

Implant Dentist Pikesville


Restorative dentistry includes crowns and bridges, extractions, implants, and more. These treatments are designed to restore your smile.

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