Fixing dentures in Pikesville

Pikesville denture repair

Dentures are a great way to fix missing teeth and help stabilize the jaw from sinking in when teeth are missing. At the offices of Aron Turner, DDS, we can help you with all your dental and denture needs, performing Pikesville denture repair as needed and creating the right dentures and bridges to At the dental office of Dr. Aron Turner, our highly skilled lab technicians have the experience and expertise you need. We are also able to offer same day affordable dentures because we have our own professional denture lab on the premises.

If your dentures or partials break, never fear. We offer the best in Pikesville denture repair and fixes so that you’ll never have to worry about your dentures breaking again. Our denture repair lab can do most repairs while you wait, so that you’ll be in and out in a reasonable amount of time. We repair cracks, broken parts and replace missing teeth as well as add or replace broken acrylic flanges. We can also change a chipped denture tooth out and reline the denture or partial in order to fill in the jaw for bone loss. All of our denture repairs have a one year guarantee on them and are reasonably priced, with prices ranging anywhere from $100 to $175.

Along with Pikesville denture repair we also offer same day dentures, which requires that the patient come in early in the morning to have impressions of their teeth and gums taken. Within a couple hours, your dentures will be ready for you to try on. We then adjust the dentures if needed for fit and function as well as appearance. Payment is due in full at the time of pickup, although our same day dentures are economically priced to be reasonable and affordable for all patients.

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