Family dentistry in Pikesville

Our Pikesville dentist, Dr. Aron Turner, provides general services such as regular dental exams, teeth whitening, and application of dental sealants, in addition to his specialty of doing restorations, including crowns, dentures, and dental implants. With family dentistry for everyone from children up to seniors, you can depend on our office for your dental needs.

Pikesville Dentist

Maintaining healthy and strong teeth starts with regular maintenance and prevention. Schedule an oral examination with our Pikesville dentist every six months, and keep on top of the well-being of your teeth and gums. Today’s small cavities become tomorrow’s larger ones, making you more prone to toothaches, infections, root canals, and even the loss of one or more teeth. And when it comes to your child, you can feel confident that Dr. Turner understands that unique needs that pediatric dentistry demands. Our office is designed to be welcoming and fun, and our staff has the patience to make your daughter or son feel right at home. Remember, the positive experiences that he or she has at our office will set the tone for a lifetime of comfort with dentistry in general.

With the benefits offered from the advanced Opalescence whitening system, you can enjoy the advantages of brighter and more attractive looking teeth after just a single session at our office. Unlike products that you might see on a supermarket or drug store shelf, our Pikesville dentist will make your teeth whiter while protecting your precious tooth enamel. We even have a version you can do yourself at home, with outstanding results achieved in just 30 minutes per day.

When you have one or more teeth that need to be replaced, our Pikesville dentist can offer you partial or complete dentures done all in one day, courtesy of our own on-site dental lab. And with mini dental implants, you can have dentures without the uncertainty that is often associated with traditional ones. With implants replacing the roots of your teeth, your dentures will be securely anchored. No depending on denture adhesive and worrying that they will slide on you at an inopportune moment. Regular dental implants for a single tooth provide the same satisfaction for you.

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