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Baltimore mini implants

Losing teeth can be incredibly devastating, especially for individuals who rely on their teeth every single day in order to eat and speak regularly. This is generally most people, and many individuals tend to lose their teeth as they get older, those teeth can also be lost for a number of other reasons including tooth decay, gum disease, oral injury, or other reasons. Additionally, the overall loss of teeth can affect the way that you look in the way that you feel about your appearance, so it is important that you see a cosmetic dentist as soon as you can. If you have lost any teeth, then you might want to consider Baltimore mini implants, and our local dentist Aron Turner DDS can help provide you with the comprehensive evaluation that you need in order to determine whether this method of dental restoration is right for you.

There are many reasons why you will want to consider replacing missing teeth as soon as you can. For the most part, many individuals who lose teeth are particularly overwhelmed with the change in appearance that the experience. The loss of teeth can drastically change the way that you look while your mouth is open as well as when it is closed. Sure, your smile will have gaps if you lose teeth, but your face may also appear hollow or even gaunt because of the lack of teeth supporting your face and mouth. Continuing to live with an incomplete smile can also put a significant amount of stress and strain on your bite and any remaining teeth that you, which can cause a significant amount of dental trauma as well. So as you can see, losing teeth will definitely have an effect on your self-confidence, as well as your overall dental health. With the help of our resident dentist, Aron Turner DDS, you may be able to benefit from Baltimore mini implants. Dental implants are surgically inserted into your jaw, so they provide you with an additional sense of comfort as well as support when your new teeth are set in place. What makes mini implants different from regular implants is that there are few were artificial tooth roots surgically inserted into the bone. Instead of having each individual tooth attached to your bone via the surgical procedure, you will instead only have a few anchors placed into the jaw bone which will then hold a set of dentures in place. Mini implants are a great option for individuals who want a more secure option but do not want to undergo as much oral surgery as is required with regular implants.

With Baltimore mini implants, you can instantly restore your smile and feel confident in the new teeth that you have installed. Not only will your smile be completely restored once more, but you will also be able to eat and speak with absolute confidence. If you happen to be interested in dental implants or mini implants, please feel free to call us today and book an appointment with our dentist Aron Turner DDS.

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