Partial dentures in 21208

21208 partial dentures

If you picture old-fashioned when you think of partial dentures, you’re going to be excited about what Dr. Turner has to offer. Our 21208 partial dentures are available in three varieties, and can be completed in just three days. No long delays or waits. And thanks to advancements in technology, they are more reliable and comfortable than ever before. So if you’re missing one or a few teeth, don’t let yourself continue to feel self-conscious about your smile and put yourself at risk for your other teeth shifting and the discomfort that can accompany it. Our dentures dentist is prepared to give you back your full set of teeth.

Fixed partial dentures are also known as dental bridges. By fixed, we mean that they are permanently attached and do not come out. There are two ways they can be attached to your jaw, either with the use of a crown or a dental implant. With dental implants, you get all the convenience of a bridge with the dependability of an implant. It’s an ideal combination. Flexible partial dentures are lightweight and virtually invisible, utilizing a pressure-injected and flexible denture base. And then there are removable partial dentures. Created by attaching the appropriate number of prosthetic teeth to a base that is made of plastic and colored to match your gums, the entire thing is held together with a strong metal framework. Unlike older versions of removable partial dentures, no metal clasps are needed to keep our 21208 partial dentures in place. Deciding on which of these options is the right one for you will depend on your preferences as well as what is applicable to you based on your unique situation, which our dentures doctor will assess as part of your examination.

Take advantage of how far our 21208 partial dentures have come by calling our office and booking your appointment right now. Say goodbye to that empty space where you currently have no teeth.

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